WFGR Doctoral Induction

WFGR Doctoral Induction

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5-10 Aug 2021 5 Aug 2021 10 Aug 2021

Have you recently enrolled in your PhD programme? If so, please register for our Induction programme. Our Doctoral Induction comprises of several sessions (some compulsory and some voluntary) and will be delivered across the period of about a week via Zoom. The Induction presentations are designed to get your PhD study at VUW off to the best possible start.

These sessions will be held via Zoom. They are scheduled to happen in the afternoon on the 5th, 6th, 9th, and 10th of August 2021.

You will need to register to attend. More information on this event is available through the registration link.

There are three compulsory sessions that you need to register for:

First Session - Welcome and getting off to the best start

Second Session - Core requirements

Third Session - Human Ethics

We are offering, also, a series of sessions which are not compulsory, but which you may find very useful as you embark upon your doctoral study. You are welcome to register for as many of these sessions as you like.

Optional Session: Publication and Co-Authorship

We will update this listing with additional optional Induction sessions.