Dr Wanting Jiao

Dr Wanting Jiao profile picture

Scientist Ferrier Research Institute

Dr Wanting Jiao completed her PhD in Chemistry at the University of Canterbury, and joined the Ferrier Research Institute in June 2017.

Her area of expertise is using computational techniques to address specific scientific questions, and relating results from computational calculations to experimental results.

She says this combination of techniques offers a powerful approach towards investigating behaviours of protein systems.

“I had a taste of the computational field when I was a third-year chemistry undergraduate and immediately fell in love with it.

“I’m drawn to the field of molecular modelling because the level of details it can offer. The molecular details we get from simulations can offer insights and explanations to experimental observations, properties can be predicted based on simulation results, and these can be used to guide future experiments.”

Wanting’s current research is focused on using molecular modelling techniques to investigate protein function and regulation, including molecular dynamics simulations, QM/MM calculations, structure based virtual screening, homology modelling and bioinformatics.


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