Dr Rosannah Cameron

Teaching in 2020

Dr Rosannah Cameron joined the Ferrier Research Institute as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the fungal factories team in Professor Emily Parker’s lab in August 2017.

“My previous work has been around studying the role of RNA regulation in development and disease in living systems. When I joined Emily’s team, I was excited to apply my skillset in RNA regulation to the field of synthetic biology.

Before joining Ferrier, Rosannah completed her PhD at Otago University, studying honeybee development alongside Professor Peter Dearden, and held a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York—a long time research collaborator with the Ferrier Research Institute— working with Assistant Professor Teresa Bowman on the process of zebrafish blood cell development.

Her current research projects see her working with fungi and using them as systems for heterologous expression of genes to produce novel natural products.

“I am now working to understand how we can optimize fungal hosts for the production of target compounds. I am also interested in learning more about enzymes and the role they play in natural product pathways.”

Rosannah says the Ferrier Research Institute provides, “a highly collaborative environment in which to do research. I really enjoy working with enthusiastic and engaged people who have a huge range of knowledge and expertise. As someone with a background in biology, I have really enjoyed learning more about synthetic chemistry and it has helped me think about my research in new ways.”

Teaching in 2020