Dr Phillip Rendle


Dr Phill Rendle is responsible for managing the client relationships for the Ferrier Research Institute’s contract synthesis business.

“Communication is a really important part of my job. All clients are different and have different approaches and needs. I make sure we are providing information in a way that is targeted to each client’s requirements.”

Contract manufacture often begins with making a small amount of material for biological testing. If larger amounts are then required for clinical trials, the synthesis can progress to GlycoSyn’s large-scale cGMP facility on-site to manufacture kilograms of material.

“I work very closely with GlycoSyn so it’s a seamless transition for clients. When it comes to the larger scale work, we can transfer a lot of what we already know about the chemical process. There’s a lot of efficiency in that.”

Problem-solving is an important part of Phill’s role. “It’s inevitable that things sometimes go wrong with the chemistry, but we can nearly always find a way around the hurdle. Because we are totally open with our clients, they are kept fully up to date with what’s going on, so there are no surprises. We find they appreciate this.”

Phill’s main research interest is the chemistry of dendrimers—tree-like macromolecules. His group have designed and made a dendrimer scaffold (called PEE-G dendrimers) that is stable, pure, non-toxic and easily modified.

“This dendrimer core has IP protection, freedom to operate and can be manufactured economically on a large scale. It’s ideal as the base for developing products intended for pharmaceutical applications.”

Phill studied for his PhD at the University of Canterbury and worked at Industrial Research, with an intervening post-doc at Durham and Oxford Universities in the UK.

Outside work, his main interest is Wellington Batucada—an energetic Brazilian-style percussion band. The group of 50 musicians play in street parades, at the Rugby Sevens and in music festivals.


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