Gerd Mittelstadt

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Scientist Ferrier Research Institute

Born and raised in Potsdam, Germany, Dr Gerd Mittelstädt’s interest in molecular science—the science that forms the basis of life—started when he was a high school student.

He went on to study Biochemistry at Potsdam University, and obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Canterbury in 2015. After graduating he returned to Germany to work in a start-up hosted by Charité (Universitätsmedizin Berlin)—one of the largest hospitals in Europe.

After leaving the start-up, Gerd took up a postdoctoral fellowship at Potsdam University, before moving back to New Zealand and joining Emily Parker’s lab at the Ferrier Research Institute in late 2018.

His current research projects see him working on the protein side of the Fungal Factories project, on an evolutionary study on the enzyme ATP-PRT in collaboration with Waikato University, and supporting work on the Addressing Antimicrobial Resistance Flagship project in collaboration with the Maurice Wilkins Centre.

He says the freedom he has in how he achieves this research goals is a highlight of working with the Ferrier Research Institute.

In addition to his research, Gerd supports many of the PhD candidates in the lab, and supervises Summer Research students.