Effie Fan

Teaching in 2020

Research interests

Protein biochemistry, enzyme catalysis and allostery, protein engineering, structural biology


Dr Effie Fan completed her BSc (with first-class honours) and PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Canterbury before joining the Ferrier Research Institute as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working alongside Professor Emily Parker.

Effie is currently involved in several projects with Maurice Wilkins Centre’s Antimicrobial Resistance Flagship research programme, looking at the function and regulation of important metabolic enzymes from pathogenic bacteria with the aim of developing new antibiotics for diseases.

She is also involved in a number of international collaborative projects looking at applications of advanced structural biology techniques and exploring the opportunity of engineering new proteins with tailored functions.

“I’m fascinated by the molecular details and chemistry of life, particularly how enzymes catalyse the rate of chemical reactions and produce compounds that are not accessible through synthetic routes.”

Effie says the people, scope and support of working at the Ferrier Research Institute are fantastic.

“I enjoy the wide range of expertise and projects spanning synthetic chemistry, biochemistry, structural biology and molecular biology and important domestic and international connections.

“I find my colleagues at Ferrier have strong enthusiasm and determination in pushing the frontiers of scientific research and are always open to scientific communications and actively seeking collaborations gathering the best of different research expertise, creating a positive and inspiring research environment."

In addition to research, Effie provides research support for postgraduates who are looking at enzymology and structural biology.

Teaching in 2020