Photographic facilities

Students at the Faculty of Architecture and Design have access to specialist photographic equipment and technical advice.

photography studio

Architecture and design are creative disciplines. We recognise the importance of providing the best possible photographic equipment and technical advice and support, to our academic staff and students.

Faculty student facilities

Students have access to a photographic area on level 2 VS2.18 (adjacent to the Faculty Photographic technician’s office), to photograph their own work as a course requirement and for their design portfolios.

Specialist photographic equipment is available for loan from the Technical Resource Centre.

Additionally students may be directed to the photographic facility for specialist support, including:

  • assistance with digital photography of models, drawings, plans and items for documentation and assignments
  • loan of specialist lenses for digital and film cameras
  • specialist photographic advice.

School of Design photography studio

The School of Design has a separate photography studio, for students taking one of the School’s photography electives. This has been relocated and is now VS0.02.

Design Photography Studio

Staff facilities and services

The Faculty maintains and operates a professional photographic studio for staff members in VS2.15. Photographic services are available in both film and digital formats, including:

  • copying of images for digital and film presentation
  • photography of models, drawings, plans and students work for documentation purposes
  • publicity photography of activities for publication
  • production of images for web use
  • loan of digital, film cameras and specialist lenses to staff
  • specialist photographic advice to staff
  • bulk 35mm slides scanning of teaching resources.

Access hours

To ensure photographic resources are available, please book in advance. Our photographic technician is available between the hours of 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, or by prior arrangement.