New Zealand Sign Language Week 2022 mini webinars

Join experts Sara Pivac Alexander, Micky Vale, and Rachel McKee as they take you through some basics of NZSL in a fun and interactive way.

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Celebrate NZSL Week 2022 by learning more about one of New Zealand’s official languages—New Zealand Sign Language.

In these short webinars, academic and teaching staff from the University's Deaf Studies Research Unit will take you through some basics to help you start (or continue) your NZSL journey in a fun and interactive way.

Learn basic NZSL phrases

Monday 9 May 2022, 1 pm

Learn basic everyday phrases in New Zealand Sign Language with Sara Pivac Alexander, the only Deaf NZSL lecturer at the University. Find out how communicating in NZSL is essential, especially in these mask-wearing times.

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A helping hand: Resources to help you learn and use NZSL

Wednesday 11 May 2022, 1 pm

Micky Vale will introduce you to our online resources, including a complete beginner’s course programme with videos, an online dictionary, and a platform for sharing and discussing new signs.

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Visual grammar of NZSL

Friday 13 May 2022, 1 pm

How does NZSL use 3D space and movement to optimise grammar for visual communication? Rachel McKee will disucss some aspects of how sign language structure differs from spoken language, and answer some frequently asked questions about sign languages.

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