Facial recognition technology - a great enabler or a threat to liberty?

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Rutherford House LT1 (RHLT1), Pipitea campus, Bunny Street

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If you've been automatically tagged in a photo on social media, unlocked your phone with FaceID, or applied online for a New Zealand passport, facial recognition technology has captured, analysed, or stored your biometric data.

Use of this technology is growing in Aotearoa in both the public and private sectors. As usage and use-cases increase, so do concerns about privacy, accuracy, and impact.

What issues does facial recognition technology raise regarding our collective and individual rights and interests, and should we be concerned?

Join Associate Professor Nessa Lynch (Faculty of Law) and Professor Neil Dodgson (School of Engineering and Computer Science) as they discuss the current and future applications of this technology and consider its benefits and risks.

Registration is essential.