Regional and urban resilience in a turbulent world—Perspectives from Aotearoa New Zealand

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Rutherford House MY102

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The analyses of global challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, poverty, polarisation, and political instability often provide international or national perspectives—but the impacts can vary considerably across cities and regions as well. The Regional Science Association International (RSAI), founded in 1954, is an international community of scholars who focus on the regional impacts of national and global processes of economic and social change.

The 2021 World Congress of RSAI is a virtual conference hosted by the Moroccan section of RSAI from 25-28 May. New Zealand scholars will contribute by presenting eight papers in the afternoon and evening of Friday 28 May.

The New Zealand event will be hosted by Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington at Rutherford House. Up to 30 people, including presenters, can attend in person (with afternoon tea, dinner, and drinks included; providing Wellington is at COVID-19 alert level 1 or 2). An unlimited number from elsewhere in New Zealand can attend online (see below). Overseas conference participants can attend online through the RSAI conference website.

Speaker Bios

Session 1. 4.30-6.30 28 May 2021
Paul Dalziel, "Geography matters for small advanced economies: the implications for an economic strategy."

Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy, Gail Pacheco & Kade Sorensen, "The effect of upzoning on house prices and redevelopment premiums in Auckland, New Zealand."

Graham Squires, Hai Hong Trinh, Don Webber & Arshad Javed, "The connection of rental and house price affordability measures in New Zealand."

Jacques Poot, William Cochrane, & Matthew Roskruge, "Vulnerable people, local labour market resilience and global shocks: New Zealand evidence from the Covid-19 pandemic and the Global Financial Crisis."

6.30-8.00 pm: Dinner at the Thistle Inn for in-person participants

8.00-10.00 pm: Session 2, Room MZ02, Rutherford House

Ilan Noy, "How do pandemics affect economic growth? Lessons from the 1968 H3N2 influenza and 2003 SARS."

Philip S. Morrison, Stephanié Rossouw & Talita Greyling, "The impact of exogenous shocks on wellbeing. New Zealanders’ reaction to Covid-19."

Daniel Exeter, "An examination of the distributional implications of the Covid-19 pandemic."

Arthur Grimes, "Regional patterns of wellbeing through pandemic lockdowns."

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