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Murphy 101 (MYLT 101)

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What are the effects of repeated viewing and typographically enhanced captions on multiword expressions (MWE) acquisition and video comprehension?

Elvenna Majuddin

The potential of audio-visual input as a means of enhancing L2 learners’ knowledge of MWE's has received limited attention. Elvenna’s study extends this line of enquiry by assessing the role of typographically enhanced captions and repetition in enhancing this knowledge. Additionally, her research examines how incidental and intentional learning modulates the effects of captions and repetition. Her study also demonstrates how the presence of captions could affect video comprehension.

What are the validity concerns for localized tests of English proficiency? What factors affect test-takers’ performance on a listening test?

Diep Tran

In recent years, English assessment in Asia has shifted towards localized language tests. This has been driven by the demand for tests that are more suitable for local context than major international tests. Diep Tran’s study validates a high-stakes listening test developed and used solely in Vietnam. The validation process yields important outcomes among which the most notable are concerns about the validity of locally produced English tests. This study contributes to the growing but still limited literature about L2 listening assessment by bringing to light certain text and task-related factors that affect candidates’ performance.

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Elvenna and Diep are PhD candidates in the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

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