Humanitarianism in New Zealand: Religious refugees and engagement with resettlement actors

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MY305 (Murphy Building Level 3) Kelburn Campus

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New Zealand as a prominent figure in democracy who shares the same value among other Western societies, has been portrayed uniquely on the world stage in terms of its religious stance. This is not only reflected on its citizens’ everyday practice of religion, but more on the constitutional framework designed on a bicultural structure. The secular nature and values of New Zealand are undoubtedly similar to that of Europe and North America, but the remoteness and isolation and the overpowering needs on bicultural engagement prior to multicultural realization means that the context of New Zealand has the ability to offer certain uniqueness and freshness. Based on a focus on refugee resettlement, my research aims to examine the location of religion in humanitarian discourse in New Zealand.

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Star is a PhD candidate in Religious Studies at Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

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