US Foreign Policy in the Next Administration: Implications for New Zealand and the Indo-Pacific Region

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Rutherford House LT2 (RHLT2)

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Whatever the outcome of the US presidential election, the foreign, security and trade policies for the next administration in Washington will have huge consequences for New Zealand and the wider Indo-Pacific region.

This panel discussion brings together a group of experts to explore what we can expect from a Trump second term or a Biden presidency, particularly in terms of US-China ties, Asia policy including on trade, and ties with New Zealand.


  • Dr Van Jackson, Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington and American political scientist
  • Professor Natasha Hamilton-Hart, Director of the New Zealand Asia Institute and Professor at the University of Auckland Business School
  • Professor Robert Ayson, Professor of Strategic Studies, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Moderator:
  • Associate Professor David Capie, Director of the Centre for Strategic Studies and Associate Professor in International Relations, Victoria University of Wellington

Registration is free, but required. 04 463 5434