Education and early intervention for children on the autism spectrum

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Presented by Professor Jeff Sigafoos; Dr Hannah Waddington

Lectures, talks and seminars

13 Oct 2020 6:00 pm to 13 Oct 2020 7:00 pm

Hunter Council Chamber (HU204)

This year's Wellington Faculty of Education Annual Lecture will focus on education and early intervention for children with autism.

The lecture will consist of two parts delivered in turn by Professor Jeff Sigafoos and Dr Hannah Waddington.

Professor Sigafoos will provide a general overview of the learning and behavioural characteristics associated with autism.

Dr Waddington will then review several recent studies conducted by her and her team on early intervention for young children with autism

Information about the University's Autism Clinic will also be presented.

The lecture will also be live-streamed.

For more information contact: Pam Berry

Speaker Bios

Professor Jeff Sigafoos teaches in the Master of Educational Psychology and conducts research on teaching adaptive skills to persons with developmental and physical disabilities.
Dr Hannah Waddington lectures across the Educational Psychology programme and her research focus is early intervention for children with autism. She is a practising educational psychologist and a certified Early Start Denver Model therapist.