Spatial Justice Decolonising Our Cities and Settlements

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Presented by Jade Kake

Lectures, talks and seminars

5 Aug 2020 4:00 pm to 5 Aug 2020 5:00 pm

Murphy Building, MYLT101, Kelburn Parade

An argument for urban-planning reform and spatial justice. Implementing the kāinga model as practical decolonisation.

In her recent book Rebuilding the Kāinga (Bridget Williams Books, 2019), Jade Kake championed the idea of the kāinga in a contemporary sense: integrated housing, cultural and communal facilities; sustainable use and management of whenua, awa, and moana; and sustainable economic activities. If implemented widely, the kāinga model will also have profound impacts on how we in Aoteaora (Māori, Pākehā, and Tauiwi—all of us) plan our homes, towns, and cities. In this talk, Kake expands on this idea in relation to current discourse regarding economics, decolonisation, and, in particular, urban planning in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Speaker Bios

Ko Jade Kake tāna ingoa. He uri tēnei nō Ngāpuhi, Te Whakatōhea me Te Arawa. He kaihoahoa, he kaituhituhi, he kaihāpai ia. Ko te mahi tuhituhi i ngā ‘decolonisation’, i ngā hapū rangatiratanga, i ngā ‘Māori-futurism’ tāna aronga nui.