Panel discussion—melting ice and rising seas

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Presented by Tim Naish; Rob McKay; Nancy Bertler; Rebecca Priestley; Nick Golledge; Judy Lawrence; Richard Levy

Lectures, talks and seminars

Spotlight Lecture Series

5 Aug 2020 6:00 pm to 5 Aug 2020 7:30 pm

Lecture Theatre 1 (RHLT1), Rutherford House, Pipitea Campus, 23 Bunny Street

Join the leading researchers and scientists from the ‘Melting Ice and Rising Seas’ team as they share the science of projecting sea-level rise

A group of more than 20 scientists from Wellington’s Antarctic Research Centre Te Puna Pātiotio, working in partnership with GNS Science and NIWA, has been awarded the Prime Minister’s Science Prize for 2019.

The ‘Melting Ice and Rising Seas’ project team of geologists, glaciologists, climate and social scientists discovered ice melt due to climate change could lift global sea-levels by up to 1.4 metres by 2100.

The team used ice and sediment cores drilled on annual expeditions to the Antarctic to make fundamental discoveries about the sensitivity and behaviour of the Antarctic ice sheet in a warmer world. Then, together, with their world-leading ice sheet modelling and prediction capability, the team has improved knowledge of the consequences of sea-level rise and impacts, both globally and in New Zealand. This work puts New Zealand at the forefront of global environmental research and showcases the importance of University-led, long-term research in preparing New Zealand for the future impacts of climate change.

Watch the leading researchers and scientists from the ‘Melting Ice and Rising Seas’ team share the science of projecting sea-level rise, the consequences both locally and globally, and how the team is working with communities and decision-makers throughout Aotearoa to help to prepare for the impacts of sea-level rise.