Understanding the financial markets

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Presented by Professor Hai Lin

Lectures, talks and seminars

Inaugural Lecture

7 Aug 2019 6:00 pm to 7 Aug 2019 7:00 pm

Lecture Theatre 2 (RHLT2), Rutherford House, 33 Bunny Street

The Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University of Wellington, Professor Grant Guilford, invites you to a public lecture by Professor of Finance, Hai Lin.

Financial markets are central to most of the world’s advanced economies, and what happens on the trading floor has major implications for what happens in the rest of society. But how do these markets work in practice, and how do the traders themselves make decisions and respond to external pressures?

Professor Hai Lin will provide an overview of his research into these markets, focusing on three issues in particular: How do investors respond in different ways to new information such as GDP announcements? How can we better predict financial asset returns and identify overvalued and undervalued assets? How do innovations such as the credit-default swap influence firms’ risk-taking behaviour?

For more information contact: Lily Kemble Welch