Evolution in isolation: The search for an island syndrome in plants

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Presented by Professor Kevin Burns

Lectures, talks and seminars

Inaugural lecture

20 Aug 2019 6:00 pm to 20 Aug 2019 7:00 pm

Lecture Theatre 1 (TTRLT1), Te Toki a Rata Building, Kelburn Parade

The Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University of Wellington, Professor Grant Guilford, invites you to a public lecture by Professor of Biology, Kevin Burns.

Oceanic islands are storehouses for unique creatures. Zoologists have long been fascinated by island animals because they break all the rules. Speedy, nervous, little birds repeatedly evolve to become plump, tame, and flightless on islands. Equally strange and wonderful plants have evolved on islands, although their evolution is poorly understood, relative to animals.

Professor Kevin Burns from the School of Biological Sciences will discuss ‘the island syndrome’ in plants, summarising two decades of research at Victoria University of Wellington looking at whether plants repeatedly evolve similar patterns in dispersal ability, size, and defence on islands.

For more information contact: Lily Kemble Welch