Comparing vowel movements: Dynamic vs. static comparisons of diphthongal vowels

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Presented by Paul Warren

Lectures, talks and seminars

LALS Seminar Series

16 Aug 2019 4:00 pm to 16 Aug 2019 5:00 pm

Murphy 101 MYLT101

How can we take a dynamic approach to studying diphthongs, and why does it matter?

In this talk Paul Warren outlines some of the history of how diphthongal vowels have been analysed and compared in (socio-)phonetic research. Traditionally, single points or short sections of vowels have been taken as representative of the entire vowel, leading to analysis of acoustic data based on these points or sections. Since diphthongal vowels by their very nature involve movement in the vowel space, this approach potentially ignores key additional information carried by the vowel trajectory. In this light, Warren concludes by considering some recent studies that have taken a dynamic rather than static approach to the analysis of diphthongal vowels.

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Speaker Bios

Paul Warren is a Professor of Linguistics in the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies