Businesses have human rights too

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Presented by Professor Petra Butler.

Lectures, talks and seminars

23 Jul 2019 6:00 pm to 23 Jul 2019 7:00 pm

Rutherford House,Bunny Street, Lecture Theatre 2 (RHLT2)

The Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University of Wellington, Professor Grant Guilford, invites you to a public lecture by Professor of Law, Petra Butler.

Based on dignity, fairness, equality and respect, human rights protect us all. When talked about in a business context, people generally think of human rights in opposition to abusive business activities such as sweatshops or child labour. However, businesses have some rights too, in particular the right to access to justice.

In her inaugural professorial lecture, Professor Petra Butler will explore why businesses' access to justice is often violated, and will discuss a project undertaking global empirical research into contractual behaviour of small and medium- sized enterprises. Drawing on this research, Professor Butler will offer a new framework for how businesses can effectively realise their right to access to justice.

For more information contact: Leah Johanson