Work experience and internships

Find out about how we can support you to get practical workplace experience to enhance your studies.

Within the School of Engineering and Computer Science we support students and employers to engage with each other, share knowledge, and make connections that often result in internships. We use our partner programme Summer of Tech to bring industry into the campus and facilitate matching students to summer jobs in tech across the Wellington region.


Students who are completing either a three year Science degree or four year Engineering degree are keen to gain relevant work experience in industry. Contact to find out how you can be involved.

Hosting an intern

Prospective students

The work experience programme helps you develop practical, real-world skills working side-by-side with industry professionals as a paid intern. The goal of the programme is to assist you in becoming work ready, kickstarting your career in IT.

Work experience programme

Current students

Your Bachelor of Engineering work experience program has been developed to fulfill your needs, with you as a student looking to engage with the IT workforce, Engineering NZ as the accrediting body for your degree, and IT sector employers. Read the work experience wiki for more information.

Work experience wiki