Alumni profiles

Meet our alumni, and find out about the careers they’ve pursued since graduating.

Milton Ngan—‘Random Technology Guy’

Milton worked at Weta Digital for 11 years after he finished his MSc in Computer Science at Victoria University of Wellington.

Andy Linton

Andy is one of 14 people worldwide entrusted with keeping the keys to the Internet safe.

Mark Paston

Before he became a professional footballer at the age of 26, Mark completed a Bachelor of Science at Victoria University of Wellington.

Brendan Vercoelen

Brendan came to Victoria University of Wellington, interested in both the software design and electronics aspects of engineering.

George Sadlier

George studied computer science at Victoria University of Wellington in the mid-nineties and now works for Google.

Pippin Barr

Pippin studied Computer Science at Victoria University of Wellington and now works for Concordia University as a Scholar in Residence.

Andrew Chalmers

After graduating Andrew Chalmers started a postdoctoral fellowship with the Computational Media Innovation Centre.

Divya Patel

With an interest in technology, problem solving and creativity, Divya knew software engineering was perfect for her—now she’s a graduate data scientist at Xero.

Jayden Nowitz

Master of Engineering graduate Jayden Nowitz is working to keep our government agencies safe from cyberattacks.

Steph Dean

As an information security analyst for Westpac, Steph Dean is using what she learnt during her degree to keep customer's information safe and secure.