Naiki Pohe-Lomax

Read Naiki's story about changing from modern languages to Computer Science—and how that led to a job at Abletech.

Naiki Pohe-Lomax

Computer science wasn’t Āwhina programme mentor Naiki Pohe-Lomax’s first choice of study.

“I studied modern languages for two years before I took a first year Computer Science paper and found that I really enjoyed it. The problem solving in software development is addictive, and the results are always satisfying.”

Over the summer Naiki worked as an intern at Abletech and was fortunate enough to be offered a permanent role as technical consultant at the end of her internship. She completing her degree part-time while working full-time at Abletech.

“I’ve always wanted to work in web development and Abletech rules! I really enjoy the work I’m doing with Ruby on Rails.”

Naiki joined Te Rōpū Āwhina in her second year. “Being both Māori and female in this degree was very daunting. Te Rōpū Āwhina is my on-campus whānau and as a mentor helping other students to succeed is important to me.”

Naiki completed her Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science in 2012. Eight years later she's still happily doing back-end development with Ruby on Rails at Abletech.