Postgraduate subjects

Explore the subjects taught by the Wellington Faculty of Engineering at postgraduate level.

There is an exciting range of topics for you to study at postgraduate level within the Faculty of Engineering. Some topics have majors or specialisations for both engineering and science degrees, others are only offered in one or the other.

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Human hand and robot hand touching at one finger, likely reference to Michaelangelo's hands of God and Adam.

Artificial Intelligence

Pick up skills and techniques that will empower you to shape the future, with a postgraduate qualification in Artificial Intelligence.

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Computer Graphics

Gain advanced knowledge and solve complex problems creating visual effects, computer games, simulation and modelling.

Close up image of a digital display showing ones and zeros.

Computer Science

Study the science behind computers in more detail, building on your undergraduate degree or your professional experience.

Close up image of a computer circuit board with coloured wires in the foreground.

Electronics and Computer Systems

Take your capabilities to the next level with in-depth study of the crossover between computer science and electronics. Engineering and Science options.