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  • Smiling man stands in front of a whiteboard showing mathematical equations.

    The language of code: type checking for Wyvern

    Even for the non-technical, many of the characteristics of programming work are as most of us imagine them: precise, painstaking, and utterly dependent on accuracy. One of the ways programmers ensure this accuracy is through ‘type checkers’—tools that check for errors in code in the same way that we might use a spellcheck in a Microsoft Word document. How, though, do we make sure code is consistent if type checkers aren’t reliable? School of Engineering and Computer Science PhD candidate Julian Mackay’s research examines exactly this issue.

  • A Google illustration of a man holding an earthquake proof bearing.

    Remembering Bill Robinson

    On October 2, ‘Google Doodle’ celebrated what was the 81st birthday of Dr Bill Robinson, one of New Zealand’s most prominent scientists and inventors.