History Master's scholarships

Support scholarships that will help talented students to complete a one-year Master’s degree in History.

Two History students are looking down at the Treaty of Waitangi which is on display at the National Library of New Zealand, Wellington.

Create great futures for our students by unlocking the past

Victoria University of Wellington is ranked among the top 150 universities in the world for History, combining a vibrant research culture with access to the best research archives in New Zealand.  Our internationally recognised academic staff specialise in a diverse range of topics—from the slave trade, to clothing and nationalism, empire and religion, the early modern history of science and much more.

History postgraduate students develop many marketable skills and are highly sought after for a wide range of careers in government and the private sector. Each year our budding historians organise the New Historians' Conference, the only history postgraduate conference in New Zealand.

"There are very few scholarships available to our talented and dedicated graduates. Without scholarships we risk losing excellent Master’s students and the chance to create great research."
Charlotte Macdonald, Professor of History

Your gift towards the History Master’s Scholarship, part of our Great Futures philanthropic scholarship programme, will support high quality research projects that make new discoveries about our past and help inform our future, and enable more future historians to fulfil their potential through access to postgraduate education.

Great Futures Scholarships make a significant difference to a student’s ability to undertake further study. As well as the essential financial support, a scholarship shows students that someone believes in their potential and gives them the motivation to continue with their studies.

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