Holly McLeod

Holly McLeod

Current BA/BSc (Education and Psychology/English Studies/ Development Studies/ Geography) student.

“The variety of programmes and courses available meant that I could tailor my degree to suit the multiple interests and future paths I was trying to accommodate”

In her final years at school Holly knew she wanted to work on reducing inequality in a field like education. This led her to enrol in a conjoint BA/BSc with majors in Geography, Education & Psychology, English Studies and Development Studies allowing her to build on her knowledge of the world and start learning about education and teaching. Initially Holly was drawn to this programme as she wanted to work as a teacher in developing countries and felt these majors would give great insight into the work she wanted to do. The flexibility of the programme has also given Holly the chance to take courses which she never knew existed. KURA papers have been a particular favourite.

Holly has also appreciated the way that her lecturers and tutors engage and build relationships with their students, and genuinely want to see them succeed.

In 2012 Holly was the recipient of a Victoria Excellence Scholarship and is involved with WILP, WPA and Vic Volunteers programmes, giving her the opportunity to “get involved in life outside of classes and find a place within the community, whilst developing national and international networks.” In the future Holly aims to do work focused on the reduction of inequality and the alleviation of poverty in New Zealand and the Pacific. This is likely to have an education focus and may be through work within the education system or through non-governmental organizations.

Holly has one more year of undergraduate study in 2015, and then onwards to either teachers college or a Masters in Development Studies, or both, and hopefully fitting in some volunteering experience in between.