Te Reo Māori Professional Learning Development

Te Reo Māori Professional Learning Development is a programme set up to help teachers in a Māori-medium setting build proficiency in Te Reo Māori. A blended approach to teaching and learning is at the core of the programme with emphasis on digital technology.

Latest News and Information

Our app Kura is now available in English:

Kura English

Ka kuraina koe e au! I’m gonna school you!

Kura English was created to give access to anyone wanting to learn the Māori language. Whether you are just starting or have some knowledge and understanding of the Māori language, you are sure to find a module within Kura English to help you.

With five different modules all in the Māori language, Kura English will support you to:

  • Learn vocabulary in a range of categories (Puna Kupu)
  • Practise your knowledge of the vocabulary in a timed-game (E Rua, e Rua)
  • Learn various sentence structures (Ihumanea)
  • Solidify your knowledge of the sentence structures (Tohu Kupu)
  • Test your local and global general knowledge within a rugby themed game (Kīkiki Pāoro). (Please note some of the answers are in Māori).

Other aspects include:

  • Building your own player alter-ego (Toikura) with a range of options
  • Getting your name and palyer alter-ego (Toikura) on the scoreboard for all to see
  • Playing by yourself or using the multi-player option to test your knowledge against others
  • Creating your own folders to extend your learning in all 5 games
  • Sharing your folders with others and accepting their folders to extend your learning even further

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Download from the iTunes App Store

Download from the Google Playstore

Download from the Desktop version