Richard Manning

History Never Repeats Itself? Colonial Historical Trends Confront National Administration Guidelines

Issue 9:1999 (published June 2000)

This article argues that two revised National Administration Guidelines (NAG 1, v & NAG 2, iii) overlook the complexities of local histories. Although, not in any way opposing the intent of consultation implicit within the revised NAGs, in its review of the situation the article does illustrate some of the historical difficulties being faced by one school attempting to give effect to these guidelines. There may be lessons here for other similar schools. The secondary school concerned has a history of excluding Maori students and failing to effectively “consult” the local hapu (Maori subtribe/s), who have long assumed manawhenua (territorial authority) status over the area encompassing the school site. Thus any future attempt by the school to comply with the revised NAGs is likely to prove a difficult exercise.