About the New Zealand Annual Review of Education

Editorial policy

Manuscripts from a range of theoretical perspectives and methodologies are welcome. Articles submitted should be original, normally between 5,000 to 6,000 words, excluding references. They should follow APA conventions. An abstract of up to 150 words should be included, as well as an up-to-100 word biographical statement for each author.

Articles should not be under consideration by any other journal, or have been previously published elsewhere.

All articles submitted will have an initial editorial screening and then undergo blind peer reviewing by up to three reviewers.

Editorial Team

Joanna Higgins, Victoria University of Wellington

Sue Cherrington, Victoria University of Wellington

Board members

    Carmen Dalli, Victoria University of Wellington

    Mere Berryman, Waikato University

    Russell Bishop, Waikato University

    Bronwyn Cowie, Waikato University

    Iris Duhn, Monash University, Australia

    Cedric Hall, Victoria University of Wellington

    Hugh Lauder, University of Bath, Uk

    John Loughran, Monash University, Australia

    Angus Macfarlane, University of Canterbury

    Stephen May, University of Auckland

    Luanna Meyer, Victoria University of Wellington

    Ross Notman, University of Otago

    Wally Penetito, University of Canterbury

    Jenny Ritchie, Victoria University of Wellington

    Kabini Sanga, Victoria University of Wellington

    Christine Sleeter, California State University Monterey Bay

    Ken Stevens, Victoria University of Wellington

    Rob Strathdee, Victoria University, Australia

    Martin Thrupp, Waikato University

    Cathy Wylie, New Zealand Council for Educational Research


Each issue will be posted on the website. NZAROE will continue to retain copyright of articles published, in both the hard copy and the on-line versions, but gives authors full permission to deposit their articles in publicly accessible institutional repositories, providing that:

  • all such copies are supplied, on request, by the editor of the NZAROE in a common format.
  • the publicly available metadata for the material in the Institutional Repository must include:
    • a statement attributing copyright to the New Zealand Annual Review of Education (NZAROE), and
    • this website.