Louise Starkey

Associate Professor
School of Education

Teaching in 2020


BSc PhD Well, MEd (Hons) Massey, DipTchg CCE


Louise gained experience as a classroom teacher, curriculum leader and senior manager in a range of New Zealand secondary schools prior to following a passion to research education in a digital age.

Current research

Louise is interested in complexity theory, educational policy and practice associated with teaching and learning in the digital age. Her research includes both the schooling and university sectors.

Current research includes:

  • Learning environments for a digital age.
  • The use of digital data in education.
  • Preparing student teachers for the digital age.

Research interests

Louise's research interests are focused on education in a digital age.

Supervision interests

Louise is interested in supervising students who would like to study teaching and learning in a digital age. She has expertise in complexity theory and socio-material theories including actor-network theory.

Recently completed supervisions

Doctoral thesis completions:

Tara Evans (2014). Teaching and learning with digital technologies in the intermediate school classroom: An Activity Theory analysis of classroom interactions. First supervisor, with second supervisor Associate Professor Roseanna Bourke.

Huong Pham (2014). Quality Culture in Vietnamese Universities: A Multiple Case Study of Quality Assurance and Quality Culture of Business English Undergraduate Programmes at Three Universities in Vietnam. First supervisor, with second supervisor Professor Luanna Meyer.

Evaristo Mtitu (2014). Learner-centred teaching in Tanzania: Geography teachers' perceptions and experiences. Second supervisor, with first supervisor Professor Wally Penetito.

Steve Confait (2014). A Seychelles case of beginning teachers' perspectives of support and challenges in their pursuit of effective teaching practices. Second supervisor, with first supervisor Associate Professor Roseanna Bourke.

Master's thesis completions:

Lee Austin (2015). Curriculum innovation and change in mid-size New Zealand secondary schools. First supervisor.

Margaret Vaka-Vili (2015). Recruitment and retention of science teachers in Tonga. First supervisor.

Reem Abu Askar (2013). Learning in a foreign environment: The perception and use of concept mapping strategy by Saudi international students in higher education. First supervisor.

Bruce Granshaw (2010). How does teacher professional development support and improve technology teacher practice? First supervisor.

Current supervisions

Current doctoral thesis students:

Ethel Renata. “How can digital technology be utilised to nurture Māori students’ cultural identity within English medium mainstream primary school contexts?” Second supervisor with First supervisor, Dr Hiria McRae.

Rana Daoud. Using digital devices in classroom learning: a socio-material perspective. First supervisor with second supervisor, Dr Hiria McRae

Pratiwi Wini Artati. Teachers' use of social media for professional learning through informal communities of practice in Indonesia. First supervisor, with second supervisor Dr Vicki Thorpe

Tho Vo. Teaching CLIL in the digital age: A study from the Vietnamese higher education context. First supervisor, with second supervisor Dr Margaret Gleeson.


Cover of the book 'Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age', by Louise Starkey.Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age explores emerging digital technologies on teaching and learning. In this book Louise explores the concept of a digital age and perspectives of knowledge, pedagogy and policy within a digital context providing practical examples of how research ideas can be implemented in schooling and classroom settings.