Maggie Haggerty

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Senior Lecturer School of Education


Teaching in 2020


MEd, BA, Dip Tchg


Maggie has an extensive teaching background. She has taught in early childhood settings and primary schools in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, has worked in both pre-service and in-service teacher education, and has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in early childhood curriculum and assessment, the social contexts of learning and research methods. She has particular interests in early childhood education in the United Kingdom, Denmark and Japan.

Current research

Maggie is in the writing up phase of her PhD thesis: Transitioning from an ECE setting to school in Aotearoa New Zealand: A focus on literacies and mulimodality. This is an ethnographic study in which Maggie has followed the experiences of six children through their last six months at kindergarten and their first six months in a new entrant classroom. The study aims to investigate curriculum and assesment discourses in each setting, particularly the different approaches to literacy and multimodality the children encounter.

Research interests

  • Curriculum and assessment, particularly in early years education (0-8)
  • Multimodality and the ways learning and the learner are shaped by the affordances of particular semiotic modes
  • The use of video as a pedagogical tool for critical and multimodal analysis in early childhood services
  • The transition from early childhood to school settings
  • Multi-service, ‘wrap around’ or multi-agency provision and the involvement of young children’s families in ECE services.



Teaching in 2020