Judith Loveridge

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Associate Professor School of Education


Teaching in 2020


PhD MA Massey, BA Cant


Judith is a senior lecturer in the School of Education. She is particularly interested in the intersection between social and cultural processes and individuals’ learning and development. Her major on-going area of research has been concerned with the ways in which children and adults learn and develop through their experiences of implicit cultural practices as well as through the experiences they have as a result of explicitly stated educational goals and pedagogical philosophies and practices. This theme has been addressed through research examining young children’s learning in home, community and educational settings, children’s enculturation, home, centre and school relations, and adult’s learning in informal contexts. A related research interest is the question of how to appropriately and authentically involve children and young people in research. Ensuring that the diversity of groups and individuals’ experiences is given expression has been an important theme in her research.

Current research

  • TLRI project with colleagues at Massey University, Associate Professor Roseanna Bourke and Professor John O’Neill. The project is for 3 years and is examining ‘The impact of children’s everyday learning on teaching and learning in classrooms and across schools’.
  • International doctoral students with children (with Dr Stephanie Doyle, Niusila Faamanatu-Eteuati and Professor Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop)
  • Young children’s learning in home-based education and care

Research interests

  • Informal learning in everyday contexts
  • Doctoral students with children
  • Home-based learning for children in care
  • Ethics in research in educational contexts, and in different cultures
  • Parents and education

Supervision interests

I welcome inquiries from students interested in undertaking masters or doctoral research in the following areas:

  • informal learning of children and adults,
  • student voice,
  • young children’s learning and development,
  • parents and education.

I also welcome inquiries from those interested in qualitative research, particularly ethnographic research, phenomenology and narrative analysis.



Teaching in 2020