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  • Students gathered for a protest, one holds a sign that reads, “We speak for the tree, for the trees have no tongue”.

    Teaching children as citizens

    The inclusive worldview provided by the ground-breaking New Zealand early childhood education (ECE) curriculum allows children to understand the value of community, says Associate Professor Jenny Ritchie from the School of Education of Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.

  • A child writes with a red pencil at a table.

    How ready is NZ for online education?

    As schools move their teaching online, we must be cautious of the risk of amplifying our shameful record of inequalities across the education system, writes Associate Professor Louise Starkey for Newsroom.

  • The rush to online-ness

    As learning shifts online at pace, the key for educators will be to keep it simple, coordinated and normal, write Professor Stephen Dobson and Edward Schofield.