Mark Sheehan

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Senior Lecturer
School of Education


PhD; MA; BA; Dip. Tchg


Dr Mark Sheehan has contributed to the history education community since the 1980s as a secondary/tertiary teacher, researcher, museum educator and a curriculum developer.  He was a senior lecturer at Ako Pai o Te Herenga Waka for almost 20 years and now holds an adjunct research fellow position with VUW.

His research focus is on supporting history/social science educators with the knowledge and skills to confidently engage with the opportunities that come from the evolving nature of our bicultural heritage and the increasingly diverse nature of Aotearoa. As well as teaching and researching in this area, he has contributed to a number of curriculum initiatives, including the New Zealand Curriculum (2007), the MāoriHistory Initiative (2014 – 2016) and most recently, the Aotearoa New Zealand Histories curriculum project.

Recent Publications

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