• A group of five men stand with a certificate

    The final word from our BE(Hons) cohort

    How can we coordinate effective search and rescue operations during an emergency in a hazardous mine? What alternatives to very high frequency radio can we adopt for better tracking of animal behaviour leading to more sustainable ecosystems? How can web developers build applications that cater for both server and client?

  • Lecturer stands in front of bright screen showing composite images

    The big picture: researching coherent video generation

    Modern camera technology means that anyone can capture high-quality videos of events as they occur, from a street performance to the sun setting over the horizon or a colourful splash of flowers in the park. Sharing videos of such everyday events on social media has evolved into an integral part of many people’s lives. However, the photographer may not have the skills required to capture the event in its full range.

  • A lecture theatre full of students with a woman giving a presentation at the front

    Save Our Software: Security Day 2019

    While the rest of Wellington was in weekend mode, the Kelburn campus buzzed with activity as close to 200 students worked at software security tasks.

  • Broken power pole lying on the ground

    When failure leads to success

    As power poles age throughout the decades, the danger of them failing increases—and so, too, does the risk of electrocutions and power outages. Lines companies are not always able to predict when poles are about to fail—a problem that one Victoria University of Wellington researcher is working with Viclink to solve.