• Soheil Mohseni

    Clean energy innovations

    PhD student Soheil Mohseni wanted to study in a country that was a pioneer in renewable energy—so New Zealand was the obvious choice.

  • A young Chinese woman in a stripy top stands outside in front of a grey building.

    Classifying cats and dogs

    How does a self-driving car know what a road sign looks like? Creating a successful AI like the one that operates a self-driving car is a complex process involving many different tasks, and one of the most important of those tasks is image classification.

  • A collage of photos of women.

    The Wh‘Y’ Factor

    Female academics at the School of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) speak about their experiences of working in a traditionally male domain and emerging opportunities for women in technology.

  • Smiling woman stands in front of screen of code.

    Trailblazing for women in tech

    New alumna Aleisha Amohia tells us how she conquered a conjoint degree, a job as a developer, and two years as the President of the University’s Women in Tech group.