Remote access

University staff can use any internet connected device to securely access services including email, file storage, and core applications.

When you are off-campus or using a mobile device, use myTools, myWorkspace, Office 365 or a virtual private network (VPN) to access the Victoria University of Wellington network and resources.


MyTools gives you access to services such as:

  • staff email
  • myWorkspace (your H and M drive online)
  • HR Kiosk.

To access myTools:

  • go to the staff intranet
  • enter your Victoria University of Wellington username and password
  • select "myTools for staff" at the bottom of the left hand menu.


MyWorkspace can be accessed through any internet-enabled device by browsing to myWorkspace and entering your Victoria University of Wellington username and password.


Access your staff email and other Office365 applications and tools from any internet connected device at Office365. Login with your Victoria University of Wellington username and password.

Virtual private network

The virtual private network (VPN) allows you to make a secure connection from your computer to the University’s network, through a home or public internet connection.

It uses a small application that you will need to download to your computer.

The VPN allows secure access to applications including:

  • Oracle Financials
  • teaching and research systems
  • direct access to your H and M drives.

Find out how to connect by VPN services. If you are not logged into the University network you will be asked to sign in first.