Network services

We manage fast and secure network connectivity through fixed portal, staff and student wireless and guest wireless.

Connecting to the network

Fixed line access (ethernet)

Fixed line access to Victoria University of Wellington’s Local Area Network (LAN) and internet is available through wall outlets connected to your University desktop, laptop, device or printer.

Not all wall outlets are live. If you are moving or setting up a new PC, you will need to confirm with ITS that the desired outlet is live.

Wireless access

Wireless connectivity to the University network is available throughout all campuses for University staff and students. Use the “Victoria Wi-Fi” network to connect your personally owned laptop or mobile device to the University LAN and internet.

Guest Wi-Fi is available for temporary users who need to access to the internet (24 hours access).

Accessing the University network

The University network can be accessed off campus through the staff intranet, myWorkspace or by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Find out more about remote connectivity to the network.

For users wanting to access to the University network with personal devices for short term and casual use, the Victoria University of Wellington wireless network is recommended.

For long term academic use, personal devices can be connected to the fixed line network subject to approval and technical compatibility. Contact the Service Desk for more information.