IT Procurement

We manage purchasing for desktop computers, laptops, software and mobile connections.

IT Procurement operates preferred supplier agreements with computer equipment, software and mobile providers. It is Te Herenga Waka —Victoria University of Wellington policy that all desktops and laptops must be requested through IT Procurement.

Mobile devices, tablets and other IT accessories can be purchased directly from the supplier. We have an agreement with PB Tech which provides discounted pricing and free shipping for University staff members.

Contact us at if you would like to have a PB Tech account created for you.

Desktops and Laptops

We will not be completing a desktop refresh in 2021.

Given the limited budget available in 2021, new computing requests are restricted to:

  • a new staff member or
  • faulty equipment which isn’t covered under warranty or too expensive to fix

Financial treatment of computers from 1 January 2021 has changed - New purchases of laptops and desktops under $5,000 will be recharged in full to cost centres at the date of delivery, they will not be spread over 4 years as they were previously. This means that these funds will come directly from your cost centre. A laptop/desktop which costs more than $5,000 continues to be treated as an asset and will be recharged to cost centres over 48 months.

Fill out the New computing equipment form to receive a quote.

See the hardware specifications for the current configuration of desktop computers, laptops and Apple Mac devices.

If you need to dispose of any IT equipment, fill out the Dispose of IT equipment form.


Digital Solutions provide software packages for productivity, teaching, learning and research, and can assist with software purchasing and license management. See the software page for more detail.

The University has purchased several site licenses for primary software packages. Site licensed software can be installed on an unlimited number of University computers

Request a quote from Digital Solutions for all other software not provided under the University’s site license.

Mobile connections

Digital Solutions manage contracts with the three major mobile network providers for staff mobile connections.

Staff can request new mobile phone connections by completing the online request form.

When a staff member leaves the University, their mobile connection can either be cancelled or the number moved to a personal prepaid connection. Fill out the Disconnect mobile number form.