File and data storage

Find out about storage solutions for short and long term preservation of University files, data and media.

This service provides areas for staff to store files, data and media that comply with New Zealand copyright laws and the Victoria University of Wellington Information Systems Statute. For further guidance about where to store data in the University click here.

Below are some of the data storage facilities available in the University:

  • shared drive access to School and Central Service Unit shared drives and group folders (M drive)*
  • restricted access storage for a group of users to share files (M drive)*
  • individual home drives – private access to individual home drives (H drive)*
  • OneDrive
  • restricted access storage in Office365 Groups, Teams and SharePoint
  • research and teaching data, SoLAR storage platform
  • scratch or temporary storage (local machines D drive).

*Please note: the Home and Shared drives (H & M) will be phased out overtime and cloud storage facilities i.e. OneDrive and SharePoint will be utilised.

Backing up and recovering data

All University related work files should be stored on OneDrive, SharePoint, or the shared or home drive as these storage areas are backed up and replicated to the University's Disaster Recovery Centres. Research and teaching data (SoLAR) is backed up and can be recovered from up to seven days prior.

Local machine C and D drive data cannot be recovered if files are lost or corrupted, therefore they are not recommended storage areas for files or data that are sensitive or cannot be replaced.

Accessing data remotely

University OneDrive, SharePoint, home, and shared drives can be accessed off campus through our Remote access services.