Tim Miller

Teaching in 2020


MID University of New South Wales, Sydney
BA (hons) Kingston, London


Tim Miller studied at Kingston University and UNSW and has many years of experience as an industrial designer, design consultant, educator and researcher in emerging technologies. During his professional career he has designed office furniture systems for Gordon Russell and Steelcase Strafor and a large number of products for a range of international companies. For the last 20 years he has focused on education and researching the design opportunities of emerging digital manufacturing technologies.


The focus of Tim's research is to utilize advances in digital technologies in two overlapping areas, experimental furniture design and digital manufacture/3D Printing. As these technologies emerge Tim explores, through design, new making and aesthetic properties afforded by digitally controlled processes. His method has focused on a number of creative approaches in the use of software to control Computer Aided Manufacture and Additive Manufacturing making processes, not only as a making tool but also evidencing the process of making as an intrinsic part of the design itself. He also has research interests in the exploration of software for mass customization and personalization. Increasingly he is working on collaborative projects with scientists through his role as a Principle Investigator in the New Zealand Product Accelerator.

Current research projects

Freeform 3D Printing

Software control of Variable Density Multi Materials 3D Printing

Printed Prosthetics NZALS

Visualizing the NLNZ Collection

Robotic Arm: The Craft of Making

Research partnerships and collaborative work

New Zealand Product Accelerator

Callaghan Innovation

Professor Jim Johnson, VUW

The National Library of New Zealand

New Zealand Artificial Limb Service

Auckland University of Technology

Teaching in 2020