Dylan Horrocks

Senior Lecturer
School of Design Innovation

Teaching in 2020


Bachelor of Arts, University of Auckland

Statement of supervisory Interest

  • Comics and graphic novels (original work)
  • History & theory of comics and cartooning (especially in New Zealand)
  • Illustration (especially in the New Zealand context)
  • Visual narrative
  • Role-playing games: history, design, and theory (especially non-digital)
  • Fictional worlds and geographies
  • Fantasy in literature and art


Dylan Horrocks has worked as a cartoonist, writer and illustrator for over 30 years. His work includes comic books, graphic novels, political cartoons, poem comics, prose fiction, children’s books, and essays. His graphic novel Hicksville has been translated into numerous languages and was named a Book of the Year by The Comics Journal and one of the best graphic novels of all time by Rolling Stone. He has collaborated with novelists, scientists, poets, film-makers and artists. In 2016, he was named an Arts Laureate by the New Zealand Arts Foundation.

Research interests

  • Comics and graphic novels
  • Role-playing games
  • Creative writing, storytelling and narrative
  • World-building and imaginary societies
  • Fictional cartography
  • Illustration
  • Visual language
  • Fantasy in art, literature and culture
  • Nostalgia in art, literature and politics

Selected publications

Graphic novels

Hicksville (Black Eye, 1998; revised edition Drawn & Quarterly/Victoria University Press, 2010)

Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen (Fantagraphics/Victoria University Press/Casterman, 2014)

Incomplete Works (Victoria University Press, 2014)

Comic book series

Pickle #1-10 (Tragedy Strikes Press/Black Eye, 1992-1997)

Atlas #1-3 (Drawn & Quarterly, 2001-2006)

Hunter: the Age of Magic #1-25 (Vertigo, 2001-2003) (art by Richard Case and others)

Batgirl #39-57 (DC Comics, 2003-2004) (art by various)


New Zealand Comics and Graphic Novels (Hicksville Press, 2012)


‘Inventing Comics: Scott McCloud’s Definition of Comics,’ The Comics Journal #234, June 2001 ( PDF)

‘The Perfect Planet: Comics, Games, and World-Building,’ Writing at the Edge of the Universe, edited by Mark Williams (Canterbury University Press, 2004) ( available online here)

‘The Wood Between the Worlds,’ Study Group Magazine #4, 2016; reprinted in Tell You What: Great New Zealand Non-Fiction Writing 2017, edited by Susanna Andrew & Jolisa Gracewood (Auckland University Press, 2016)


Will Eisner Comics Industry Award (2002)

University of Auckland/Creative New Zealand Literary Fellowship (2006)

Sir Julius Vogel Award (2012)

New Zealand Arts Laureate Award (2016)

Victoria University of Wellington/Creative New Zealand Writer in Residence (2018)

Also shortlisted for various awards, including Prix d’Alph’Art, Harvey Award, Ignatz Award, Attilio Micheluzzi Award, PANZ Book Design Award



Teaching in 2020