Ben Jack

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Lecturer Media Design School of Design Innovation


Ben’s research is focussed on how advances in computational creativity and AI will disrupt art and design. He explores how human input can still have value and meaning in an AI driven creative industry.

He considers questions such as:

  • If we do manage to create independently creative AI, how might humans create and maintain meaningful collaborations with such systems?
  • What creative tasks will humans always do better than computers?
  • What is the value of human endeavour in the design and production of artefacts, and how can Humans act as mediator and translator of AI generated design outputs when machine feelings and culture (if ever developed) will be vastly different to our own?

He explores these topics through a creative practise that includes creative coding, generative design, and creative electronics. This manifests as a wide variety of outputs from interactive media installations and electronic sculptures, to creative software development for the arts and industrial design.