Miramar Creative Centre Short Film Showcase Screening

Annual short film screening with capstone films from the Master of Design Technology (MDT) and Master of Fine Arts (Creative Practice) students

Miramar Creative Centre Short Film Showcase Screening

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24 February 2021 24 Feb 2021 24 Feb 2021

Roxy Cinema, Miramar, Wellington

These films feature the incredible work of the graduating class of 2021 who are completing their Master of Fine Arts (Creative Practice) and Master of Design Technology (MDT) degree programmes. This invitation only event is for emerging filmmakers, industry professionals, and film enthusiasts.

The event is organised in collaboration with the University, Miramar Creative Centre, ICT Graduate School, and Roxy Cinema.


Master of Design Technology films

After it happened

Woman in a hallway
After it Happened

An event several years ago has left everyone living in a broken reality. Alex is interviewed as part of a documentary investigating life After it Happened, and through describing her daily experiences seeks to reconcile her grief over what she lost in the event.

Lucy Jaegers Director, Writer, Effects Artist, Lighting Artist, Compositor, Renderer

Ripley Shi – Art Director, Cinematographer, Camera TD, Editor, Lighting Artist, Texture Artist, Compositor, Colorist

Marcus Karamanolis – Executive Producer, Compositor, Assistant Camera TD

Junqi “Kiki” Zhang – Onset VFX Supervisor, Makeup Artist, Lighting Artist, Texture Artist, Compositor

Jared Lee – Effects and Simulation Artist, Rotoscope Artist, Documenter, Gaffer

Kenny Childs – Music Composer

Soyam Dean – Sound Recordist, Dialogue, Ambience, Sound Supervisor

Xuanyi Li – Foley Artist, Sound Effects Artist


Jen Francisco as Alex and Jonathan Beresford as Jack


 A work in progress render of the house the character Skipper lives in.

Chrysalis follows Eve, a meticulous recluse whose routine is disrupted by the discovery of a strange pebble, a reckless creature, and the rising winds of change on the horizon.

Rachel Macindoe-Baker – Director, Character Artist, Rigging, Animator, Environment Artist, Prop Artist, Concept Artist, Editor

Brock Trewevas – Producer, Motion Capture Artist

Phil Matich – Co-Producer, Environment Artist

Robert Wilkins – Assistant Director, Technical Director, Effects Artist

Wade Li – Concept Artist, Environment Artist, Prop Artist, Lighting Artist

Niu Niu Dou – Score Composer

Michael Allen – Foley Recordist, Sound Designer, Mix Engineer

Kenny Childs – Foley Artist


Hamish Boyle as Eve and Jen Francisco as Skipper


Person with a box in their head in an eerie red room

Coin is a short horror film about a girl’s surreal encounter with a meat grinder. Her flesh transforms into coins—dropping the pieces one by one into the places she once lived and worked.

Maxy Yuan – Director, Writer, Lighter, Animator

Niu Niu Dou – Ambient Sound Designer

Robyn Bryant – Sound Effects Designer

Master of Fine Arts (Creative Practice) films

In Dreams

Two friends find themselves sharing the same dream and as they dig deeper into the weirdness, they discover each other's true selves.


Ruru is a film about self-discovery. Alex struggles to understand his heritage, what society expects from him, what his family need from him, and why he’s constantly being followed by a six-foot morepork?

Ghar Jane Do

Ashish is left reeling after he’s told of his father’s terminal status—the same father who threw him out of the house for being gay. Wrestling with the memories of the lowest moment in his life, Ashish decides whether to return home and face the people who make him vulnerable.


Mary, a Chinese Kiwi girl, hides many things from her traditional mother. But when the truth comes out, she must decide what means the most to her.

The Flame

When a lifelong violinist is made redundant by advances in AI technology, she struggles to find a purpose for herself within the world.

The Toilet God

A lonely man trapped in a public toilet undergoes a transformative journey with a mysterious presence. Will he get out or will he remain trapped?


Kevin Romond - kevin.romond@vuw.ac.nz
Director, Miramar Creative Centre