Debate 1

“A 0% cap on real per capita government spending growth would be a sensible objective for New Zealand”

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The Chair (Norman Gemmell), the Commentator (Anne-Marie Brook), the Proponent (Bryce Wilkinson), the Opponent (Bill Rosenberg)

On August 28, 2012, at the Old Government Building Lecture Theatre 1, the first Public Finance Debate invited Bryce Wilkinson to speak in favour of a government spending cap and Bill Rosenberg to argue against. After strong arguments from both sides of the case, Anne-Marie Brook provided an excellent summary as Commentator for the event. The Chair, Norman Gemmell, then asked the audience for their feedback and the majority raised their hands in favour of the idea of the government not having a cap on its expenditure.

Bryce Wilkinson opening the case Bill Rosenberg arguing against the case

Click here for Bryce's presentation              Click here for Bill's presentation


Q&A after the Commentator's summary: Bryce Wilkinson answering a question from the audience

Following the debate, everyone enjoyed informal discussions in the foyer, accompanied by drinks and canapés.

big thank you to the speakers for their time and effort, Aidan and Katherine Meerman for their video recording and editing work, and the audience for their interest in our event. We look forward to seeing more of you as upcoming debates deal with challenging, yet very relevant, topics to public finance in New Zealand.

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