Halls of Residence

Useful information for students living in University halls, including accommodation charge waivers and when you need to wear a face covering.

This page was last updated on 19 October 2021.

All of Aotearoa New Zealand is at alert level 2 except for Auckland and parts of Waikato, which are at alert level 3.

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Returning to Halls

The Government has confirmed that from 11.59 pm 28 September, those who are wanting to travel across the Auckland boundary may do so if they are travelling to their hall of residence.

There are some clear rules around returning to an alert level 2 area:

  • You must have a negative COVID test within 72 hours of crossing the Auckland border.
  • You also need to carry evidence that you are enrolled at the University and/or are moving back to your hall of residence.

This will be checked at the Auckland border as you leave, and when you arrive at your hall of residence.

All residents living in alert level 2 regions have been allowed to return to the University's halls of residence from Wednesday 8 September.

We have emailed a 're-induction to hall' form directly to all students living in University halls. You need to have completed this form before you return to your Hall. Make sure you include your arrival date and time. If you live in a self-catered hall, you should connect with your flatmates and let them know when you are returning.

Once you arrive at the hall, check in at the office. You will need your access card updated to swipe into the building. Your Hall's staff will be on hand to welcome you back, check you in, and run through important updates with you.

Living in Halls at alert level 2

At alert level 2, we can come back together as a hall community without bubbles, but with health and safety precautions still in place.

You are not allowed to have external guests until Wellington is at alert level 1. This means that you cannot invite people such as your partner, family members, or friends who are not living in your Hall to visit you.

There are no additional restrictions when moving between floors within the hall at alert level 2. Physical distancing of 1 metre is required in common areas.

Dining rooms may be limited to a capacity of 100 residents at a time, in line with government rules around gatherings indoors. As more students return to each Hall, we may need to stagger dining times so that different floors eat at different times.

Face coverings

New government rules require us to wear a mask or face covering inside public facilities. You will be required to wear a mask coming and going to classes on campus. Make sure you have a supply of masks.

We encourage all our staff and residents to wear face coverings in shared and communal areas at alert level 2 (except for when you are eating and drinking).

Halls of Residence in 2022

Vaccination against COVID-19 will be mandatory for students and staff living and working in Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington-operated student accommodation in 2022.

Students wanting to live in one of the University’s halls of residence will be required to show evidence they have been fully vaccinated before they will be able to move into a room in the halls, which will open for next year in February 2022.

Staff working in the halls will be required to provide evidence of full vaccination by 10 January 2022. Offers of employment to prospective new Residential Assistants will include a requirement that they provide evidence they are fully vaccinated as a condition of their new employment.

More about vaccination requirements

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