International students currently in New Zealand

Find out about the support (and free COVID-19 tests) you can get as an international student, and how you can renew your visa at the current alert level.

This page was last updated on 9 September 2021.

All of Aotearoa New Zealand is at alert level 2 except for Auckland and parts of Waikato, which are at alert level 3.

Find out how the University operates at each alert level

Key information

  • The International Support Team is available to help you.
  • COVID-19 tests for all international students are free, and all treatment related to COVID-19 will be covered by student insurance.
  • Sudent visas can be renewed at all alert levels through the International Office. Email with all documents.
  • If you're a prospective or enrolled international student outside of New Zealand, you can find answers to your questions on Wellington University International's COVID-19 page.

International Support Team

International students can contact the International Support Team at for information, advice, or guidance on visas, insurance, referrals, specialist scholarship support (such as the New Zealand Scholarships Programme), and other wellbeing and support needs. One-on-one appointments by phone or by Zoom can be requested through email.

If you're currently outside New Zealand we can still help you. Find out more on this page on the Wellington University International website.

Paying your fees

If you are facing difficulties paying your tuition fees on time, contact the Student Fees Advisors via However, to be eligible for the Fee Paying Student Visa, Immigration New Zealand requires:

  1. proof that you have paid your tuition fees or proof that you have a scholarship or loan that is paying on your behalf, and
  2. proof that you have sufficient funds to support yourself while you are studying in New Zealand, and
  3. proof of how you will return home when your studies are complete (such as copies of airline tickets or proof of funds to buy them).

Student who are approved a payment plan with Student Finance have the option to pay their tuition fees in full for one trimester. The visa granted will be for this duration and will require you to renew your visa.

It is not possible to apply for a student visa if you have not paid in full for at least your next trimester of study and without evidence you have sufficient funds to support yourself and proof of how you will return home when your studies are complete.

If you are concerned about meeting the requirements for your visa, contact our International Student Advisor—Visa at Wellington University International, as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Find more information on renewing your visa as an enrolled student.

International student advisers

International student advisers are here to provide information, advice, and guidance to you during your time in New Zealand while studying at the University. Their primary role is to support students, rather than to provide academic advice. The team can also provide information about visas and insurance.

We understand that living and studying in a foreign country can be challenging and talking about it can help. This is particularly important now, when you may be anxious about your family overseas and what is happening in your home country.

Visa information

Immigration NZ is processing Full Fee-paying student visas for applicants who are already in New Zealand. You can find your visa expiry date in your eVisa letter.

At all alert levels, student visas can be renewed through the International Office. Email, attaching all the necessary documents.

You can find more information for Student Visa holders on Immigration New Zealand's website.

Studentsafe University insurance and COVID-19

If you contract COVID-19 in New Zealand, and you are insured with Studentsafe University insurance, the medical cost of treatment will be covered. But if you have other types of insurance, you need to contact your insurance company to find out whether they will cover it.

More information about Studentsafe University insurance.

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