COVID-19 vaccine mandate

The University’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate ended on Tuesday 26 April 2022.

This page was last updated on 29 April 2022

Vaccine mandate to be discontinued

The University’s vaccine mandate was discontinued on Tuesday 26 April. Staff, students, and visitors on campus are no longer required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or hold a valid exemption.

Find out more about the decision to discontinue to vaccine mandate, and read the University’s updated health and safety risk assessment.

Consultation on University’s vaccine mandate

The University recently consulted all staff and students about the future of the University’s vaccine mandate after recent decisions by the Government regarding vaccine requirements for New Zealanders.

Prior to 11.59 pm on Monday 4 April, the Red setting of the COVID-19 Protection Framework required tertiary education facilities to only allow vaccinated people on-site for campuses to remain open.

However, the Government decided to roll back vaccine mandates for many sectors (excluding health and disability workers) and vaccine requirements under the Red setting for tertiary education facilities have been removed.

These changes took effect from 11.59 pm on Monday 4 April.

The changes did not affect the University’s vaccine mandate, which came into effect on 31 January 2022. However, given the significant changes to Government regulations and guidelines around vaccine mandates and the current public health situation, we have reviewed the health and safety risk assessment that underpins the University’s vaccine mandate, to take into account the current situation and current risk factors.

Students and staff were emailed a survey to complete about the future of the University’s vaccine mandate.

The results of the student and staff surveys were one of a number of factors that our Kaiwhakakapi Tumu Whakarae—Acting Vice-Chancellor took into account when making a decision about the future of Te Herenga Waka’s vaccine mandate. Read more about this decision.

Uploading your COVID-19 My Vaccine Pass (students)

Students, even if on campus and/or involved in face-to-face learning and teaching, are no longer required to upload a copy of their COVID-19 My Vaccine Pass.

Campus access

At the Orange setting of the COVID-19 Protection Framework the campus is now open to the public.