CMIC Talk series

Shuhei Sato giving a presentation while standing beside a large screen.

Editing Fluid Flow like “Image”

Syuhei Sato - Assistant professor at the University of Toyama in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering for Research, Japan.

Associate professor Yoshinori Dobashi presenting by a large screen.

Applications of Physically-based Visual Simulation

Yoshinori Dobashi - Associate professor at Hokkaido University in the graduate school of information science and technology in Japan.

Associate Professor Tobias Langlotz of the University of Otago presents his journey in the field of Augmented Reality.

Augmented Realities: From Augmented Paintings to Augmented Perceptions

Tobias Langlotz - Associate Professor at the University of Otago.

Professor Mark Billinghurst present about various research topics on 'Empathic Computing' and discuss important areas for on-going research.

Empathic Computing: Future Collaboration Technologies

Mark Billinghurst - Professor at the University of South Australia, and Professor in the Bio-Engineering Institute at the University of Auckland.

Associate Professor Yun Zhang, from the University of Zhejiang, discusses his approach to editing stereo images while preserving depth disparities with a small group in a contemporary space.

Stereoscopic Image Analysis and Editing

Yun Zhang - Associate Professor at Communications at the University of Zhejiang.

Professor Holger Regenbrecht – gives a talk by a large screen.

VR and MR Research

Holger Regenbrecht - Professor and co-leads the HCI Lab of University of Otago. The head of the Information Science department.

Professor Singh (Dynamic Graphics Project, University of Toronto) discusses recent research with a class.

On Creative Visual Design and Communication

Karan Singh - a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Toronto. co-founder of Arcestra, JALI, and JanusVR.

Professor Hao Li (University of Southern California and Institute for Creative Technologies) discusses 'lessons learned' in his role as co-founder and CEO of Pinscreen, Inc.

How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love 3 Jobs

Hao Li - a Computer Science professor and entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of Pinscreen, Inc, A professor of the USC.

A group of students sitting in a mix of beanbag chairs and office chairs listen to Gabo Arora presenting.

Masterclass to highlight Gabo Arora, a visiting VR filmmaker

Gabo Arora - an award-winning VR filmmaker and Founder/Creative Director of LightShed, and a professor at Johns Hopkins University.

Associate Professor Okabe of Shizuoka University discusses three research projects based on video analysis and animation synthesis with a small class.

Video Analysis and Animation Synthesis

Makoto Okabe - Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematical and Systems Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering at Shizuoka University.

Prof Gerard Kim from Korea University presents the introduction of past/present virtual reality research at Korea University.

Multimodal Fusion and Illusion: A Way to Enrich Physical Immersion?

Gerard Kim - Professor at Korea University.